Mohawk Valley hit by snow, dodges brunt of storms


(WKTV) - School districts throughout the Mohawk Valley closed school a day early in anticipation of a major storm blowing across the country. In the end, the brunt of that storm blew around the Mohawk Valley.

Whether it was being pushed in Herkimer, shoveled in Schuyler, or blown in Utica, the snow was a nuisance to those who did not want it around. Most of the heavy snow fell overnight Tuesday.

That was the case for millions around the country, in about a dozen states. Some of those same states saw more snow fall than the Mohawk Valley. For some that was bad news, for others it was a bit of relief.

"I expected to get up and not be able to go out to the shop this morning," said Vivian Herkel of Schuyler. "I was able to walk out and it's better than yesterday."

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