Mohawk budget passed, 10 positions eliminated

By WKTV News

MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - The school board in Mohawk passed a budget on Monday night. Ten positions will be eliminated and the tax rate will go up nearly 5 percent.

School Superintendent Joyce Caputo said 5 teaching positions are being eliminated and five non-teaching positions will be cut. In addition, five positions that were full time will be scaled back to part-time positions. Caputo said these cuts are necessary because the state cut 3.6 percent in aid to the district.

Students and teachers packed the auditorium at the high school. Some students had harsh words for the board members. "At the end of the day, this is a constitution, set up for us, the students. And if we are passionate about this how can you cut this from us? We know what we want for our future, not you," said 11th grader Tyler Colvin.

Christina Korba is one of the teachers at the school whose job is not lost, but reduced to part-time. "On paper you can give them an education, but not quality, and Mohawk is about quality. Please reconsider," Korba said.

The tax payers will vote on the budget on May 17th.

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