Montgomery County dog kennel faces possible charges of animal cruelty

By WKTV News

SPRAKERS, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Montgomery County dog kennel is facing possible cruelty to animal charges after it was discovered that multiple dogs within the kennel faced serious health issues.

A detailed report from the "Valley Veterinary Associates," revealed that more than 75% of the dogs taken from the Flat Creek Kennel in Sprakers were emaciated and kept in poor conditions.

Thirty dogs were taken from the kennel and examined with 10 being emaciated, and 13 others being classified as being dangerously thin.

Only 7 dogs in the kennel had ideal body weight.

In addition, 76% of the animals were considered to be malnourished, and some were even covered in fecal matter when rescued.

The SPCA is still holding some of the dogs, and there has been no word on potential charges at this time.

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