More concerns over gas fumes in East Utica after Friday afternoon leak


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A gas leak occurred over the weekend at the Culver Ave Nice n Easy in East Utica earlier this week, but Friday's hot, dry weather conditions are causing the gas vapors to travel several blocks, permeating homes as far north as Lansing Street.

City codes and fire officials, along with private contractors from Nice n Easy have been at the Culver Ave store for the better part of Friday afternoon dealing with hot, dry weather conditions that the Department of Transportation tells fire officials are causing gas fumes from the underground leak to be more prevalent, reaching homes as far north as Lansing Street, where a few had to be ventilated.

Fire officials say there is no environmental hazard and no cross contamination with drinking water.

Assistant Fire Chief George Clark explained what originally caused up to 5,000 gallons of gasoline to leak underground and into the sewer system.

"There's a relay and a piping underneath and one of those malfunctioned and it caused emergency pumps to keep pumping and it basically pumped all the gas out over the containment tanks," Clark said.

The contracting work on Friday and the gas leak forced the closure of many of the little side streets that empty onto Culver Ave, including Poe, Redfield, Guelich, which were all blocked off where they border Culver Ave

City officials are keeping an eye on those gasoline levels both in the air and underground, but stress that there is no danger, just an annoying smell.

They say they are turning the situation over to Nice n Easy's private contractors.

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