More firms wanting to get in on drone testing at Griffiss

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Clients are already lining up to come on board for unmanned aircraft testing at Griffiss.

Officials with NuAir, which marketed Griffiss to the FAA and is now marketing the airport to the world, attended a breakfast meeting Tuesday for the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce. Officials answered questions for chamber members and said the Mohawk Valley's diverse weather and landscape is prompting clients to line up to test their drones at Griffiss.

"I have at least six on the list, and what's happening is, the more word gets out, the more calls we're getting," said Lawrence Brinker, executive director at NuAir. "Now, some of them are just shopping around, frankly. But because of the nature of our range in our sites here, they like what they see."

Just a few short weeks ago, the number of clients committed to testing drones at Griffiss was one.

Construction work in the hangar should be done by April 1, but before then, in late March, officials with the FAA are going to come to Grifiss and check things out. The first drones are expected to be tested in Rome in June or July.


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