More first year students starting college in January


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - A new national report says 1 in 4 students are starting college not in the early fall, but in the winter. Hamilton College held Orientation Day for 48 first year students, and 6 transfer students Thursday, more than they've seen in the past.

The college says they offer the winter admission as a way to allow more students to attend.

"There are a number of colleges that offer January entrance for Freshman and sometimes it's because of space sometimes it offers admissions to more people sometimes it's because they want students to gain a little more experience before they come to their community for us its really about inviting as many people as we can to join Hamilton," said Monica Inzer Dean of Hamilton Admissions and Financial Aid.

Inzer says the college has room for the extra students because of the number of upper class students who study abroad in the spring.

Many students were thrilled to be starting at the college even if it's a little delayed.

"I really think that Hamilton was a right fit and I think that giving up that one semester, it's worth it for the next three and a half years," said Eli Parker-Burgard.

Eli decided to get an internship at home in Connecticut, other students decided to take part in the college's London program to come in with still a semester of college under their belt.

The over 50 students were happy to still have a full orientation day even in the winter.

"I certainly know 40 or so people which in it's self is quite a bit of people, so you know it helps you, you already have friends," Swati Acharya. "So you feel a little comfort when you're coming here because you know over vacation you're going to meet this person or that friend."

The students will start classes on Tuesday.

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