Mosley ruled fit to stand trial in Olbiston Apartments slaying

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Dennis Mosley has been ruled fit to stand trial in the death of a man at the Olbiston Apartments in March 2013.

Mosley's competency hearing took place Wednesday in Oneida County Court after it was suddenly adjourned in May when a psychiatrist testified to  using another doctor's notes.

Doctors said 28-year-old Mosley was incompetent to stand trial for the death of 47-year-old Allen Minor. A psychiatrist, however, said Mosley was capable of working with an attorney in how own defense. In Wednesday testimony, the psychiatrist said Mosley showed signs of faking mental illness and manipulating tests. The expert also said Mosley functions at a much higher level than his IQ tests indicate.

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