Most popular resolutions of 2013 and how to stick to them


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- With the Christmas cookies gone and the parties over, many people are looking for a fresh start.

Some of the most popular resolutions in 2013 were exercising and eating healthy, drinking less, quitting smoking, finding a balance between work and life, and trying something new.

We make them, but then we break them.

"It's just an unrealistic expectation you usually are not going to meet," said Carrie Wilcox, who doesn't make resolutions anymore after years of not sticking to them.

So why do we make resolutions year after year? It's a tradition that has become so engrained in American culture, it will likely continue for years to come. The idea of a new beginning, hope for change.

"Fresh new year, new day, new month," said Debbie Shore, who plans on eating healthy.

Some are re-stocking their shelves with healthy food after purging the junk.

"I got rid of everything in the house. It's gone," said Shore.

Others are devising ways to stick to the gym.

"Get up in the morning and go before work," said Charlene Mazurowski.

So how can we stick to the goals we set? First, make it practical.

"If I'm shooting for a higher target, I have a better chance for failure," said Bahram Omidian, a psychiatrist.

If you're giving a resolution a second shot, figure out what tripped you up in the past.

"You have to sit back, analyze it, why didn't it work and try to work around the problem," said Omidian.

And if you fall down, get back up again.

"Get back to it and try again, but this time try harder, a little different. Get others peoples help and try your best," he said.

And remember that every day is a chance to make a change.

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