Mother of baby who died in Jevon Wameling's care speaks out


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Crews continue to search for nine month old Levon Wameling, now missing for more than 20 days from the City of Utica.

Utica Police say that rumors had been swirling Wednesday that Levon may have been found, but wanted to let the public know that was not the case. Sgt Steve Hauck said the search was continuing, but so far with no luck.

Jevon Wameling, the baby's father said that he left the baby on the porch when he got locked out of the house, went around the back to let himself in and came back to the front to find the baby gone. However, police say Jevon did not report the baby as missing for two weeks. Instead, authorities were notified by the baby's grandparents who confronted Jevon about the child's whereabouts.

Levon's mother was in rehab before and during the baby's disappearance. Mother Amy Warney has made a public outcry for information on the whereabouts of her baby and spoke at a Monday night vigil outside the Jay Street home where the baby was last seen.

Jevon was noticeably absent from the vigil outside of his home as well as from any search parties.

One person who has received numerous phone calls and messages since the disappearance of Baby Levon is Jessica Pasho. Pasho's daughter, Markarah was only 13 days old when she died in 2005. The cause of death was ruled accidental suffocation after sleeping between her mother (Pasho) and Pasho's then-boyfriend, Jevon Wameling.

Not a day goes by that Pasho isn't haunted by what happened to her precious baby girl and when she heard that Jevon's nine month old son vanished while in his care, she says she received all kinds of phone calls from people who wanted to go back in time and tie Jevon to her newborn daughter's death.

While this has brought back horrific memories for Pasho, as well as some compelling coincidences, she said she isn't interested in accusing Wameling of killing her baby, because she's not convinced he did.

She says she is interested in sharing any information that might help police figure out what happened to nine month old Levon.

"Let's try to find the baby that's missing," Pasho said. "Everybody's worried about something else and not worried about this child that still hasn't been found, that's been missing for almost a month now, you know what i mean?"

Pasho said she does have questions. She says she put her baby in the child's swing shortly before the child died and is not sure how baby Markarah wound up in bed between her and Jevon, but says she doesn't necessarily think her questions point to anything sinister or criminal.

She says if police feel the investigation into her baby's death needs to be re-opened, she's on board, but she is not demanding that.

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