Mother of child: I support use of video to generate change


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - While some parents were outraged that a Utica School teacher posted a video of a Special Education student sobbing uncontrollably during one of the state's mandated tests, the mother of the parent says she supports sharing it.

The video was posted by Special Education Teacher Mark Turnpenny at Watson Williams Elementary School in Utica. Turnpenny said he posted it once he had permission in order to make a statement about the state's testing. In the caption of the Facebook post accompanying the video, Turnpenny wrote that he might just take the ineffective label next year instead of putting students through the 'test torture.'

Leanna Hill, the mother of the boy crying in the video, says she has no problem with the teacher using the video to convey an important message.

"I feel like they should change some of these questions or make the test a little bit...where they can understand it," Hill said.

She adds that Turnpenny has been a positive influence in her child's life and that those who don't know her son don't realize that crying through his frustrations shows progress, from physical tantrums and throwing chairs in the past.

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