Mothers-to-be see benefits of prenatal yoga in New Hartford


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you're looking for a way to remain active while you're pregnant, then why not look into a yoga class?

Moms-to-be can enroll in a yoga class at Universal Yoga Center in New Hartford.

You can join the classes at any point during pregnancy and continue taking those classes for as long as they wish.

It's also a good support system for the moms, as they can talk about what they're experiencing, or seek advice from one another.

Registered Yoga Instructor Sandra Sampley says that the yoga itself is safe for the mom and baby and will help in many ways.

"With prenatal yoga, we are supporting the mother throughout her pregnancy," Sampley said. "as her body is changing, growing with the baby, her alignment is shifting. She is having nausea, she's sort of experiencing different things, so we make adjustments for that with the practice."

The techniques the moms-to-be learn in the yoga class will help them throughout their pregnancy and during labor, as well.

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