Movement aims to get young people registered to vote

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - With primaries just around the corner, only 68 percent of eligible voters in Oneida County are registered to vote.

The statewide average is 78 percent.

And that's why representatives from the board of elections, along with organizations such as Mohawk Valley Community Action, want to Roc2Vote. They're pushing for young people who are eligible to vote in the county to get registered and get informed about who is representing them in office.

"I think the key is having the right to vote," said Delvin Moody of Roc2Vote. "But utilizing the right that you have, so I think Roc2Vote is essential and important.

"I'm excited to do this at Proctor this Thursday. Hopefully we can Roc2Vote at lunch."

County Executive Anthony Picente says community leaders' role is to encourage people to vote and to encourage citizens to register and participate.

Roc2Vote is Thursday. To download the form to register to vote, click here.

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