Municipal election in Ilion draws a crowd

By Joleen Ferris

(WKTV) - There was big interest Tuesday in the small Village of Ilion's mayoral election.

"It was really good, because I was here earlier and there was a line of 30 people ahead of me and it wasn't even moving," says voter Margaret Nemyer. 

Nemyer had to come back to vote. But things calmed down by the time voter Dennis Wright arrived to cast his vote for the person he feels can best steer the village ship.

"Concerned about the Village of Ilion, I like the direction it's going in. We've got a few problems and we've got to face them head on....the DEC behind the village garage and the flooding concerns that we've had. There's a lot of problems in Ilion," says Wright.

Voter Mary Reile hopes her candidate can address the pressing issues facing her village.

"I think they should do something with that creek, clean that out, because there's so much trash in the creek and I just don't think they fix the roads. And, you know, we pay our taxes and we don't get that much for it," says Reile.

In Herkimer, incumbent Mayor, Democrat Mark Ainsworth faces off against Republican challenger Tony Brindisi. Voter Carol Spisak says it's a privilege to vote and one that she tries not to miss. She evaluates each race and candidate individually, refusing to be boxed in by party lines.

"I don't go by line. I vote for who I want, who I think is going to do what we want and do a good job."

Both villages are also electing trustees.  Those candidates in Herkimer are:  Katie Nichols (D,I);  Bill Markey (D,I);  Greg Malta (R);  Fred Wiesser (R).

Ilion trustee candidates are:  Fred E. Hartmann (D);  Kalman A. Socolof (D);  Charles T. Lester (R);  Ted W. Gage (Community United);  Bridget Trevor-McKinley (D);  Larry G. Gookins (R).


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