WATERTOWN, Mass. (WKTV) - Official sources tell NBC News that one suspect in connection with the Boston Bombings is dead and the other is still at large near Watertown, Massachusetts. The death of the one suspect followed an intense night in Watertown, where several shootings and explosions reportedly took place. There was a shootout between police and the suspects. The FBI released pictures Thursday of the two suspects, one with a white hat and one with a black hat. The one dead was wearing the black hat. Early Friday morning, Massachusetts State Police described the man on the loose as a "terrorist." Officials in Watertown were warning residents to "stay in their homes and not open their doors unless a police officer is there." Dozens of officers and National Guard members responded to Watertown, following the reports of gunfire and explosions. The tense situation followed an hours-long lockdown at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where a campus police officer was shot and killed while investigating a disturbance on the Cambridge campus. It is not clear if this incident is related. A transit police officer was also wounded in the Watertown fire fight, officials confirmed to NBC affiliate WHDH. The two bombings at the Boston Marathon killed three people and injured 170 on Monday.