The first place New Hartford Police Officers go when they start their shift and end it is the Officer Joseph D. Corr Command Building. The department dedicated the refurbished building next to the police department to the brave, young officer who was shot and killed while pursuing a robber suspect in 2006. Police Chief Michael Inserra says it's fitting that the first place officers go at the start of their shifts and the last place they go before they end their shifts and go home to their families is the building that bears their colleague's name. Inside the building-a locker room and several placques and pictures, reminding the officers of their co-worker, the sacrifice he made and the sacrifice that any of them could be called upon to make at any moment. The dedication comes on what would have been Officer Corr's 38th birthday; a day defined by a wide range of emotions. "It's a mixed day. It really is. It's kind of like, you know, because we always remember this day as his birthday and wish he was here but we know that he isn't but in that respect yeah we miss him but then they do something like this and this is a nice honor," says Officer Corr's father, Dave Corr. Dave Corr says that the foundation that bears his son's name recently received its official not-for-profit designation. It's his hope that the foundation, which already funds three scholarships, will soon build a monument to honor other fallen officers as well as his son. The foundation website is