NY wine and food producers ask for Governor Cuomo's help

By WKTV News

GENEVA, N.Y. (WKTV) - New York wineries and farms are asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to intercede on their behalf to ensure that the Great New York State Fair builds on its legacy and heritage of promoting New York wines and farm products.

They point out that the Empire Room catering contract provider only offered one New York wine on its menu during the fair while offering several from California.

Expressing disappointment at the lack of choice of New York wines for diners at the Empire Room, the groups encouraged the Governor to continue his emphasis on promoting New York products by making sure that next year's RFP encourages the use of New York wines.

The groups co-signing the letter include the Associated New York State Food Processors, The Business Council, New York Farm Bureau and the New York State Wine Grape Growers Association.

The New York Wine Industry Association (NYWIA) works on issues directly affecting the long-term sustainability and growth of the wine industry in New York.

NYWIA is made up of small family owned vineyards, wineries, and suppliers from across the state.

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