National Grid bills rise, many residents feel blindsided

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Many local residents are seeing massive price increases in their National Grid bills, Friday.
Officials with National Grid said that supply costs have increased substantially because of sustained, colder than normal weather and therefore, higher demand for heat.
Also contributing to the near doubling of the bill prices, the cost of natural gas that fuels many electricity generating stations has gone up recently.
Many locals are unhappy with the sudden spike in prices and believe that, polar vortex or not, they're not using any more heat or energy than normal so they don't understand why their bills have gone up quite so much
"Taking care of two little ones in the house between diapers and stuff like that adds up," said National Grid customer, Brittany Lee. "so a couple extra dollars onto a National Grid bill is outrageous"
If you are in a low income household, and are worried about covering the higher costs, the National Grid recommends contacting the NYSERDA's "empower" program to see if you qualify for financial assistance.

The number to call is 1-(866) 305-1915. 

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