National Weather Service looks at many aspects to determine storm type

By Jill Reale

(WKTV) - The National Weather Service out of Binghamton was busy all morning Wednesday assessing the damage from Tuesday night's storm.

They looked at the damage, as well as what direction the trees and power lines fell, as well as how far the path of the damage was. In order to do that, they need to determine if it is straight-line wind damage or a tornado.

The weather service confirmed a tornado had touched down on Goff Road in Smithfield. The NWS also traveled to Syracuse, as well as Oneida County and throughout Madison County.

"The damage out in Madison County was kind of hard to see give then tragedy that occurred there," said Barbara Watson of the National Weather Service. "But even when you come into a neighborhood like this, all of these people's homes and lives have been affected by it. You lose trees that have been part of your property for years, so from that aspect I feel for them. The science side of me, of course, gets fascinated by the power of Mother Nature that caused all this damage and wants to learn more about it."

Once they National Weather Service confirms what has happened, they send out a public release to announce how far the path was, as well as how strong the winds were.\

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