National Weather Service will investigate damage in Otsego County


OTSEGO COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - For the second time this week, the National Weather Service is investigating whether or not a tornado touched down in Central New York. Twister or not, there is a lot of damage around Otsego County.

Something told Arthur Miller to look left as he was driving towards his friend's farm on Fish and Game Road in Burlington Flats. He turned and saw a distinct funnel cloud forming, and heading his way. "It looked like a broom handle," Miller said, "All of the sudden it started to go around and it was bending and twisting and it kept getting bigger and I said 'that's a twister.' "

Miller says within seconds, trees snapped and the debris- corn stalks, branches, aluminum - even the garage door- were all flying through the air.

Theresa Mayne was just getting home to her farm when the storm passed though. Miller saw her driving by and tried to get her attention, but she was already passing him and headed straight towards the funnel cloud. She escaped with just a few cuts and bruises. It's too soon to tell just how much damage was done during the storm. "You can see the barn is all torn off, the windows are all blown out," said Mayne, "That barn over there, the doors are blown out, that barn, the backdoors are all off. My car is a total disaster."

Miller called 911 and reported that he saw a tornado headed down to the valley. There was also damage on nearby Chapin Road. The Mayne's say they are fully covered by insurance, and they are just glad everyone is alright. "We were just getting ready to go on vacation actually," Mayne said, "Way to start, right?"

Further North in Otsego County- David Lynch was sitting in his living room inside his home in Richfield Springs. "I heard a boom," Lynch said, "A large boom and i saw a roof go through the air-- probably 30 feet in the air." That roof was from Bronson's Tire on Lake Street. As of newstime, officials were still trying to locate the owners of the business. It was not open at the time the storm passed through. Lynch says a neighbor of his says he saw a tornado swoop through a field nearby before taking the roof off of the business.

The results of the National Weather Service Investigation will be passed along as soon as they are available.

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