National expert on revitalizing downtown concludes tour of Herkimer


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - A national expert on downtown revitalization has toured downtown Herkimer and on Thursday morning shared some of her observations and suggestions with "Herkimer NOW," the group that brought her in to help revive the village's downtown.

"I think the first thing you notice about Herkimer is that the downtown is very intact, has wonderful architecture," says Teresa Lynch, who works for an organization that has spent the last 30 years helping engineer the comebacks of roughly 2,000 downtowns across the country.

Lynch shared a few quick observances and suggestions with the group before heading to Albany to catch a plane back to Kentucky.

"Often times, what appeals are the visuals. It can be anything from painting lampposts that's needed, to removing signs that are really a detriment," says Lynch, adding that volunteers are key to these grass roots efforts.

Within the next month, Lynch will put her findings and recommended course of action in writing for Herkimer NOW.

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