Nearly 400 runners take part in the 2012 HOF Race

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) Don't look now, but the Boilermaker is just seven weeks away, and some of those running took their preparation to the streets of Utica in the 2012 National Distance Running Hall of Fame Race.

john Sallustio of Rome ran his 10th HOF Race "this is a great race in the beginning of the season, it's a wonderful course, we've had wonderful weather. It's flat and I like to run distance and 13 miles is pretty good distance."

HOF Race Director Mary MacEnroe says many use this race to see how their preparation is going for that bigger race seven weeks from now, "we have a 5K, a half-marathon and two-person relay. For those who are just starting out and running, the 5K is a great warmup. You should do a race before the Boilermaker so you can learn to run with other people, how to hit the water stops and how to come through a finish line and how to wear your bib correctly."

For some, Sunday's HOF Race is the first long race they've run, like Dina Vivacqua of Ilion.

Vivacqua has been preparing for her first Boilermaker with Jason Powles and the the News Channel Two 'Go the Distance Team', "when you get to that point and you're ready to stop in our training runs, everyone's cheering along the way and you're coming toward the end line and they're cheering 'come on'. You don't want to stop, you want to keep on going, and it makes you feel, it actually puts a smile on your face, even though you're struggling, it puts a smile on your face knowing that all of these people are here to support you."

And she will definitely get even a lot more support when she runs the largest 15K road race in the country, the Boilermaker on Sunday, July 8th.

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