Neighbors rattled after early morning shots fired at house in West Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - They sent their message with guns but at this point, Utica Police aren't talking about what the people, who shot up 948 and 950 Saratoga Street, might have been trying to get across to the people inside.

It all happened around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday at the corner of Saratoga and Warren in West Utica. It's a large, run-down house in a neighborhood of run-down houses, plagued by graffiti, even on the roadway. Neighbors say in those wee morning hours, individuals with semi-automatic weapons shot-up the building.

On Tuesday, passers by stopped and went in the house to check on someone they know after news crews on scene had alerted them about the shooting. Neighbors heard the shots and the message they got was that it is time to get out of the area.

"Ii just went to bed and I heard the shots," said Neighbor Bob Graves. "I'm a Vietnam vet, so I know when gunfire goes off. I come down and nobody's around and a guy told me, 'yeah, four guys got out, started shooting, got in the car and took off.'"

No one was injured and no arrests have yet to be made.

Utica Police confirmed the incident had happened but that's all they are confirming as of this writing.

A spokesperson is getting together with investigators to determine exactly how much they want to release about the incident without jeopardizing the investigation.

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