New Congressman to have new office location in Utica

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The 24th Congressional District will get a new Congressman Wednesday, and that Congressman will be taking a new office location in Utica.

In just one day, the 112th congress being sworn in, coming as President Barack Obama gets back from vacation with the House under Republican control.

These first few weeks will be crucial as the president will have to deal with a divided congress and with Republicans already threatening to repeal the health care reform legislation.

Democrats say the top priority right now should be job creation.

Republican Congressman-elect Richard Hanna will be sworn in as the representative of the 24th district on Wednesday.

After he is sworn in, Congressman Hanna's Utica office will not be in the Alexander Pirnie Federal Building as was the case for previous representatives Sherwood Boehlert and Michael Arcuri.

A spokesperson for the incoming congressman says he feels that being located in the 258 building in Downtown Utica will make his office more accessible to a greater number of constituents.

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