New Hartford Police getting likes and leads from new Facebook page


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - New Hartford Police are happy with the community's response to the launch of their Facebook Page. In just three days the page has already helped them solve 2 cases.

New Hartford Police Chief Michael Inserra says after seeing nothing but positive things come out of Utica Police's Facebook page

Since Wednesday the page has over 2,400 likes with over 10,000 people reading their posts. The site even helping them with two cases already.

Their very first post, looking for the suspect of a shoplifting incident, was solved after just thirty minutes.

"Numerous people in the community identified the suspect, they put a name to the face," said Chief Inserra. "Additionally the suspect herself saw the picture and she turned herself in the next morning before we even had a chance to go find her."

It's the response Chief Inserra hoped for, providing a venue where communication goes two ways the department out to the community and the community pack to the police.

With Thursday's Xtra- Mart robbery, the New Hartford Police have recently posted the video of it happening on their new Facebook page and the Chief Inserra says they've had numerous responses to the post and it has developed some leads the investigators are currently working on.

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