New Hartford Town Supervisor candidates speak on issues

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Incumbent Pat Tyksinski is being challenged by Richard Woodland for the position of New Hartford Town supervisor in the upcoming election.

Tyksinski, a Republican, is a certified public accountant and says maintaining an adequate fund balance and reducing taxes are a huge priority.

"The more you know about finances, the more you know about departments. And the more you know about the operations of a department, the more easy it is to run that department," Tyksinski said.

He also wants to continue work on storm sewer issues and infrastructure improvements.

Woodland, a Democrat, has been on the New Hartford Town Board since 1999. He works as a customer service advocate with Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. Woodland would like to reinstate the free annual trash pickup and finding a permanent solution to the recurring problem of flooding.

"I've got a good customer service background," Woodland said. "I'm used to working with people and building relationships.

"I've been on the town board now for 15 years. I think I have a good understanding of how the town works and I'm ready to take that next step."

Woodland also said he wants to preserve quality of life assets like senior centers and the library.

Election Day is Nov. 5

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