New Hartford family launches "Purple Pinkie" campaign in honor of Alexandra Kogut

By WKTV News

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. - The Whitney family of New Hartford has launched the "Purple Pinkie" Campaign to commemorate the life of Alexandra Kogut and create awareness about domestic violence.

"We're asking everyone in the Greater Utica and Rochester communities to band together, show their love for Alex, and take a stand against domestic violence by painting their pinkie fingernails purple throughout the month of October," said family spokesperson Sandra Whitney. "Women, men, girls, and boys are asked to come together and show their support for Alex. Those close to her knew that purple was her favorite color. Purple is also the symbolic color for October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month."

Whitney says they chose the pinkie finger for a number of reasons. Those close to the victim know there are many happy stories centered around her "little pinkies". They feel that these are the special memories that friends and family will cherish as they celebrate Alexandra's life. They also chose the pinkie for "strength and promise".

"We have more strength in our little fingers than the worst thing that can come at us," she said. "We are strong, we know that, but sometimes we need to be reminded just how strong we can be. Inner strength is a true measure of a person."

She also noted the symbolism of "promise" in the pinkie. She said everyone knows about the "Pinkie Promise" that solidifies a pact between people, to watch out for and protect one another.

"It is also a promise to ourselves, do what is right and good," added Whitney. "This is what we all need to do to bring an end to domestic violence. We, as a community, need to promise to be alert to the signs of abuse, and have the strength to speak out and stand up on behalf of ourselves, our friends and loved ones."

The Whitneys encourage the community to post their "Purple Pinkie" photos on the Facebook page that has been established in Alex Kogut's memory. Find it on Facebook by clicking here.

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