New Hartford man wants answers on raw sewage in back yard

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A New Hartford man who says raw sewage comes from a manhole in his backyard every time there's a heavy rain is getting tiresome -- and he's had enough.

"At times, it will lift the cover," said John Corrigan. "You can smell it now. You can smell it now, right? Now this has been a month. And you can imagine, last year, when I had eight or nine eruptions, this whole area -- this whole area -- that's what it was like."

Corrigan says he contacted the Town of New Hartford several times last summer, but never got an answer as to when the problem would be worked on.

Richard Sherman, New Hartford Town Sewer Department head, said the same thing is happening at other manholes in town, and a contractor is looking for the blockages or ruptures in the pipeline.

Once a problem is found, a new contract is drawn up with the same contractor to remove the blockage and reline the pipe. He says $700,000 has been spent on the sewer lines in the past two years.

The issue along Middle Settlement Road is getting to the pipeline. Sherman says a road would have to be built to get the heavy equipment in the wooded area where it needs to go.

"So for Mr. Corrigan, there is help on the way," Sherman said.

And for Corrigan -- that's good news.

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