New Mercy Flight base to be located in Schuyler


SCHUYLER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Mercy Flight Central announced Thursday that it will be adding a new base of operations in Schuyler.

The non-profit Rochester-based air medical service will provide faster, more cost-effective service to trauma patients in many under-served Central New York communities.

The new base will be located at 368 Shortlots Road. The closest base is now in Marcellus.

Company representatives describe the medical helicopter as an "ambulance in the air," with a nurse and paramedic on board to begin treating critically injured patients as soon as they arrive on the scene.

The cost of a helicopter ride is about $17,000, but no one is denied cared based on their financial status.

"Even if they can't afford it, that's why we do philanthropy and we write off bills because people can't afford it and its certainly understandable," said Neil Snedeker, President and CEO of Mercy Flights Central.

The base in Schuyler will be fully functional beginning March 4.

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