New York Mills businesses find themselves underwater


NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - The parking lots of a handful of Commercial Drive businesses in New York Mills and Yorkville looked like rivers Thursday morning, with the pavement completely under water.

Thanks to some expensive flooring and smart construction, though, the Harley Davidson store was actually open for business Thursday, and all of their inventory is intact.

"Our building was built in 2003 and because it's a little newer, the new code requires you're at the 100 year flood plain," said General Manager Steve Coupe. "So we're up a little higher than our neighbors. So we're good for another 99 years, probably."

Coupe says heavy rain and a culvert behind the store are to blame for the overflow. He says nature put the water in the parking lot, and nature will remove it; he says it's draining slowly.

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