New business opens to help connect local elderly to services

By WKTV News

New Hartford, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you're having trouble filling out forms when it comes to Medicaid, Veteran's benefits and other elderly care forms, the founders of one new local business are making it their business to lend a helping hand.

ElderNet Co-founder Donna Sweeney, says after working in elder care law for two decades, she found a very real need in the community.

For the elderly, lengthy applications, and renewal applications can be daunting.

Bills can pile up in a quick matter of weeks.

Prescriptions need to be filled and transportation is sometimes needed to get to and from doctor visits.

With changing family dynamics, some seniors find themselves in a position where there is no one around to help.

That's where ElderNet steps in.

"Children live far away and they can call and mom or dad sound great on the phone, but they come home for Christmas and find out the mail hasn't been opened for a month and prescriptions haven't been filled," Sweeney said.

For some clients, she says the help ElderNet offers means a weekly or a monthly visit. For others, it means helping keep programs in effect or re-applying for benefits.

Others might just need a ride from point A to point B.

No matter what the needs may be, an on-the-spot analysis, can be done quickly.

You can get help by calling this number (315) 579-2001.

You can also email

ElderNet is located at 555 French Road in New Hartford.

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