New details, but still no arrests in shooting of 13 year old girl

By WKTV News

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams says the 13 year old girl shot on Taylor Ave. early Saturday morning is lucky to be alive

Chief Williams says the girl who was shot in the upper arm was running away as gunfire rang out around 1:00 A.M. on Saturday, "The adult male whom the shooter was aiming for, was hiding behind a van and he was shooting into the van, and the girl was was running away from behind the van. She got accidentally struck by a stray bullet."

The teen was taking to the hopsital and released.

The chief says, unlike many in many recent cases, some witnesses in this case are cooperating with investigators and he hopes to make the announcement of one or more arrests soon, "There were multiple guns, there may have been some pellet guns that were used as well, so again, it's about putting this all together, who had which, and hopefully we'll be announcing arrests."

Some may wonder why the girls' parents aren't being charged with child endangerment, but the chief says the girl may have lied to her mother and said she was at a sleepover, so the mother had no idea her daughter was out on the street.

If you have any information, you are asked to call Utica Police at (315) 223-3510. We're told all calls may be kept confidential.

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