New document management service from RCIL to create new jobs


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Resource Center for Independent Living in Utica is expecting to bring in more jobs and revenue with a new document management service.

Organization leaders in the Utica office said their new state of the art technology will scan and store documents for law offices, car dealerships and business offices, keeping them safe and then allowing them to be retrieved spontaneously.

"All the documents get scanned and identified, then it gets sent off to what we call cloud, which is basically and off-site server that has reproduction services throughout the entire country," said Burt Danovitz, the Executive Director of RCIL.

The initiative started through a collaboration with Carbone Auto and Cloud Docks, a firm outside of Rochester. In less than a month, RCIL has already hired nine people for the program, which they hope to expand to create 25 new jobs.

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