Officials announce new company to provide area tech jobs


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Executives and elected officials from around the state came to SUNYIT in Marcy on Thursday for the announcement that an Albany IT company is bringing more than 175 full-and part-time high-tech, high-paying jobs to the campus.

The jobs are expected to pay in the high $40,000s to $50,000 range.

Nfrastructure Technologies Center of Competency in Information Technologies, also known as NCCIT, started in the basement of a liquor store in Albany. Today, they design, plan, build and help manage IT systems for companies around the country. They're outgrowing their space in Albany, and are making SUNYIT their western headquarters, with the first full-time worker expected to start work in three months.

"It's the right combination of people and minds that are committed to getting things done and that was the driver," said CEO Daniel T. Picket III.

Assemblywoman Roann Destito says the presence of NCCIT at SUNYIT will make the site that much more attractive to chip fab companies, which local officials have traveled the globe, trying to lure there.

"I think we're putting all of the pieces together to make Steve Di Meo's job that much easier to attract that chip fab manufacturer or other manufacturers in the nanoscale area," says Destito.

"The way it's probably going to happen is, by the time a chip-fab plant expresses interest, there won't be room for them," said Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, of SUNY Albany's Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, who was at SUNYIT for Thursday's announcement.

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