New parents receive two surprises for the holidays


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - This holiday season was made very special for one family by the kindness of a stranger.

Dale and Courtney Metz just brought home their new baby girl, one week before Christmas this year, making their holiday complete.

However, once they got home, they found that another surprise was waiting for them there too.

Upon arriving home, they received word that they were one of a dozen families who benefited from a "layaway Santa" paying off their layaway items at the K-Mart on Commercial Dr.

The secret Santa picked up their entire tab of over $100, as a part of a random act of kindness for families in need this holiday season.

And with the good news comes great appreciation for the new parents.

"My husband and I are truly very grateful," said Courtney Metz. "You just made our Christmas even better, so thank you." 

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