New poll has Arcuri ahead of Hanna by 10 points

DECISION 2010 (WKTV) - Name recognition is important in politics, according to a new poll.

Republican Richard Hanna trails Democrat Congressman Michael Arcuri by 10 points in the 24th Congressional District race, according to the poll at

According to The Hill 2010 Midterm Election Poll, Arcuri receives 47 percent to Hanna's 37, with 15 percent of likely voters undecided. The poll also claims Arcuri posts strong numbers among Republicans, getting 19 percent of their support, as well as doing well with independents, getting 46 percent of their support to Hanna's 27%.

The poll claims that Arcuri benefits from high favorability ratings and that despite being the 2008 nominee, Hanna has "low name ID," saying 17% of voters are not familiar with him.

"I'm not surprised that Hillary Clinton's pollster has Arcuri ahead," said Hanna spokesperson Renee Gamela. "Our polls show Richard Hanna in the lead because voters are fed up with Michael Arcuri and his votes for higher taxes, more spending and government run health care. Richard Hanna is a businessman, community leader and the outsider we need to shake things up."

Congressman Arcuri's campaign said the following...
"While it's always encouraging to be 10 points up, only one poll really matters--the one on November 2nd, said Arcuri spokesperson Jeb Fain. "Until then, Congressman Arcuri is going to keep doing what he's been doing - getting out and talking with voters about his vision for the future of upstate New York."

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