New technology allows St. Lukes Home residents take tour of world without leaving CNY

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Residents at St. Luke's Home had the chance to travel across the country, without ever leaving the premises, Wednesday.

The residents took a simulated trip to Hawaii, using a piece of technology called, "It's Never 2 Late."

The technology includes a 70-inch monitor, with full television functionality, and a touch screen interface in order to incorporate a full interactive, virtual reality experience.

The experience even contained a simulated flight towards their destination in order to round out the full effect of the trip.

It is being used as a way to help physical therapists get their patients up and moving.

"We had a patient who would not tolerate, (getting up and walking), but we hooked her up to the system and she played solitaire, reaching from one end to the other," said physical therapist, Ginger Oliver. "She stood for 20 minutes without any difficulty.

"She didn't even realize she was standing."

"It's Never 2 Late" was made possible by the St. Luke's Home Wine Tasting and Auction, and a donation from a grateful family.

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