New toilet on Moss Island makes a splash


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Rock climbing, walking, boating on the canal- Moss Island offers a lot for lovers of the outdoors.

"Moss Island is a real treasure for the city of Little Falls, a natural treasure. Dozens of people come here every week during warm weather to climb on the rocks," said Rob Richard, Chairman of Main Street First, a nonprofit organization.

But, there was always one thing missing- a place to go when you need to go.

"Before there was this bathroom often times you'd go up to the top and you'd see toilet paper around. Kind of gross. Now we have a wonderful bathroom so it's going to keep everything a lot cleaner and already you can tell everything is a bit cleaner," said Trevor Areznar, a climbing instructor.

A ribbon cutting for a restroom was a first for everyone, but it didn't disappoint.

"Although the toilet seems like a very mundane thing it's extremely important. It's important for the environment of Moss Island which is very fragile. Moss Island is a geological site and also for tourism. There's nothing better than to have a toilet," said Jane Ritz, a resident.

Costing $50,000, you could call this the royal flush. Not only is it keeping Moss Island clean, it's environmentally friendly itself.

"State of the art technology, the facility is completely solar powered, it doesn't use any chemicals, there's a tank underneath the building where all composting happens," said Richard.

Thanks to a private donor, it's an addition that could make all the difference.

"It's going to make it a much more desirable spot. If there's not trash around, not toilet paper around, that's always better. And it just shows it's more of a destination because it's not just for rock climbing, but you always see tons of bikers and people walking their dogs and kayakers in the canal so it's a multi-sport destination," said Areznar.

The only thing that could make it better?

"Ice cream stand right here," said Areznar.

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