New water system design set for Newport


NEWPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Years of boil water advisories could be solved, the village of Newport could soon have a new water system. The village held a public meeting on the issue Wednesday to inform residents that a design has been approved and that they are now just about ready to put it out for bids.

The village says they're about 99 % there in closing on land acquisitions for the new site.

A new system is to replace their 100 year old system that the mayor says is bringing good quality water just not meeting state mandates on having enough pressure to always take out contaminants.

The extra mandates on Newport because they rely on surface water not ground water.

"We have two spring sources and what we have is the ground water, say leaf particles silt stuff like that coming into our spring boxes," said Newport Village Mayor Thomas Roberts. "It does get knocked out and cleaned out with our chlorination that we currently have, but we are now going to be required to filter that out with a filtration system."

While the village did look at switching water sources to using wells, they found they would not bring as good of quality or quantity of water for the village.

"I mean we have great water, we have a great water source ample water," said Mayor Roberts. "Our forefathers did a great job hundreds of years ago when they built this and it just needs to be replaced."

The mayor says he anticipates that residents will be paying about the same for their water even with the new $2.175 million project. The village has received $1.2 million in grant money, $975,000 on zero percent interest for 30 years for the project.

"I'm a family of four myself and we pay about one hundred dollars a quarter, so it should be about the same of what we're assuming," said Mayor Roberts.

With the design now in place, the State Health Department has the village on a timeline of getting the whole system in place by November, 2013.

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