NewsChannel 2 reporter goes through basic firefighter training

By WKTV News

FLOYD Because it is National Fire Prevention Week, the Whitesboro Fire Department invited Newschannel 2's Hilary Lane to take part in a training session.

The first order of business was to get geared up and ready to go.

"So you take your shoes off and step into each boot one by one," said David Jacobowitz, Past Fire Chief at the Whitesboro Fire Department.

Next, it was time to put on the pants and suspenders.

"Put the suspenders up and over your shoulders," said Jacobwitz.

Then, the firefighting jacket went on.

"It's very heavy," said Jacobwitz."It's different layers of material. You have a heavy zipper, an outer shell, an inner shell, and it's all meant to protect the firefighter from the moisture and the heat."

Last piece of equipment was the helmet.

"The helmet is quite heavy," said Jacobwitz. "There is glass for eye protection and the water runs off down your back."

Then it was time to go through the basic training.

In the drill, a home, used for training, was filled with non-toxic smoke. Local firefighters and Hilary Lane navigated through to rescue a man trapped on the second floor.

Volunteer firefighters are always needed in Central New York and all across the country. If interested, contact your local fire department.

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