Noble Wood Shavings in Sherrill receives $20,000 grant to get business started


SHERRILL, N.Y. (WKTV) - It may only be three jobs, but it's a new business in the Mohawk Valley will be providing them.

On Wednesday, Noble Wood Shavings, a small business in the Sherrill Manufacturing complex, opened its doors and received a $20,000 grant to get started.

The company manufactures wood shavings for the equine industry.

It's a product that up until now was not produced locally and had to be shipped into the area at a high cost. However, the owners of Noble Wood Shavings say they felt as though there was a large enough market to produce the shavings locally.

The business is just getting off the ground, and on Wednesday, they received $20,000 from the Oneida County to help with their start up costs.

The owners of the company say that money will help them grow, and achieve their long term goals - goals that they say are within reach, despite the current economy.

"It's a tough economy for any business to start up, let alone a start up company," said Owner Jason DiBenedetto. "It's been tough, it's been trying, but at the same time, we felt we had a good concept. We felt it was a really good product for the area and we feel pretty confident in what we have done."

DiBenedetto says the company is just in the process of fine tuning the manufacturing operations, and hopes to be delivering the product on a regular basis within a month.

The company currently has three employees and are looking to add one more within the next month.

On top of the $20,000 grant from Oneida County, the company received a $38,000 loan from Mohawk Valley EDGE.

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