North Country slammed with several feet of lake-effect snow


CONSTABLEVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) -- The streets are clear in Utica, but just 40 miles north, it's another world.

Welcome to the Tug Hill Plateau, where winter gets it right.

"My wife warned me before we moved up here how much snow she got and I didn't really believe her and now that we've lived here for 20 years, I believe her. We get a lot of snow," said Duane Delair who was digging out with a Bobcat.

Residents are getting slammed with an onslaught of three plus feet of lake effect snow.

"I have a snow blower, a plow on my pickup and I have a plow on my four wheeler," said David Wendt.

But even seasoned residents of several decades, are having trouble keeping up with this storm.

"People are prepared but it's nicer when it comes five or six inches at a time instead of two, three feet at a time," said Delair.

"This is the worst I saw it probably I would say, the last 15 years," said Peter Csagola, a snow plow driver.

There's about three feet on the ground, and much more up on the mountain. For ski resorts, there's nothing better.

"We were starting to blow snow yesterday but thank God this came along and Mother Nature helped us out and we plan on opening on Friday and Saturday," said Russell Horn, owner of Snow Ridge Ski Resort.

All over the North Country, snow is heavy but spirits are high, as they kick off their most important season.

"The snowmobilers, skiers, the restaurants and taverns, motels, hotels it helps make them or break them through the winter," said Chris Earl, who was plowing his driveway in Constableville. "Hopefully we'll have a great winter. Lots of snow and safe snowmobiling."

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