Nothing will be ruled out in Schuyler Street fire investigation

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Fire Chief Russell Brooks says that as the investigation continues into the deadly Schuyler Street fire that occurred Monday, nothing will be be ruled out.

The evidence collected at the scene will tell the story of what happened, Brooks said.

According to Chief Brooks, his department is sure of one thing - where this fire started. So far, investigators have determined that the bottom half of 935 Schuyler Street is where the fire began, but what room and more importantly, how it started, has yet to be determined.

The Utica Fire Department will not have blinders on during the follow-up investigation and will listen to anyone who has any information on how this fire could have started, Brooks added.

"One of the keys to be an effective cause-origin investigator is being very open minded," Brooks said. "At this time, they have sent certain items out to a lab to be analyzed, which will allow them to eliminate certain possible sources of ignition and to confirm others."

Chief Brooks says the smoke detectors in the home are being tested to see if they were working at the time the fire broke out.

According to the chief, the victims in the fire were found on the second floor. He says he heard from neighbors that the mother of the three children tried to save them all.

"You know, I'm convinced that is probably accurate," Brooks said. "There is a possibility she could have gotten out, but she had three children, small children, to contend with. I'm convinced hearing the type of person she was, she gave her life for those children."

Neighbors living in the other half of the house at 937 Schuyler Street were home at the time of the fire, but they all made it out safely.

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