Notice of claim filed in Oneonta Police brutality case


ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Bradford Shanks of Oneonta is seeking over $1 million in damages after he says police officers used excessive force and beat him following a January 28 traffic stop.

Shanks was pulled over on January 28 for allegedly talking on his cell phone, but Shanks denies he was using his phone while driving.

Shank's Attorney Bryan Konoski says that a notice of claim has been filed and he expects to file a lawsuit against Otsego County, the City of Oneonta, the Police Department and its Chief, Joseph Redmond, as well as Officer Michael Breen. Breen is the officer accused of beating Shanks and is currently suspended without pay.

Shanks only has one functional eye and his attorney says the alleged beating damaged that eye. Konoski says that after the alleged beating, Shanks needed medical attention that he was not given.

"He also was denied prompt medical attention," Konoski said. "The officers at the station refused to bring Mr. Shanks to the hospital even after a recommendation by an EMT from the neighboring fire department."

Calls to Oneonta Mayor Dick Miller and Oneonta Police Chief Joseph Redmond were not returned as of this writing. The City of Oneonta completed its own internal investigation on the incident, handled by Retired State Police Investigator Joseph Loszynski and supervised by Mayor Miller. Following the results of that investigation, Oneonta Police Chief Joseph Redmond announced he will be retiring as of April 15, 2011 following service to the city of more than 30 years.

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