Numerous roads closed in Utica as flood waters take over streets

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Numerous roads in Utica were closed down Wednesday night as a result of the massive rain waters that created floods throughout the area.

The Memorial Parkway between Clementian Street and Oneida Street; Pleasant Street between Elm Street and Oneida Street; all of Brookline Drive; and Genesee Street from Brookline to New Hartford, including the bridge over the Sauquoit Creek were all closed.

Lincoln Ave at Sunset remained open, but motorists were encouraged to avoid this area until the water recedes.

Kellogg Avenue between Noyes Street and Louis Street was also closed.

The water pooled up quite deep at the Oneida Street intersection near the Memorial Parkway, where storm drains were not only full, but bubbling over.

Traffic was heavy, with vehicles taking their time driving through the flooded streets as the rain continued to come down. The police department ended up closing stretch of roadway.

In North Utica, Cedarbrook Crescent and Beaton Drive looked more like a swimming pool Wednesday night. Rain water collected at the intersection faster than the drainage system could take it out.

Residents there watched as their lawns turned into ponds and the water was more than a foot deep in some spots.

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