Nutcracker collection now on display at Tiny's Grill

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - It's a Utica tradition -- the nutcracker collection at Tiny's Grill.

And now it's unpacked and ready to admire. The restaurant, on State Street, now has 400 nutcrackers. There are nutcrackers based on the "Wizard of Oz" characters, snowmen and those from around the world.

"Years ago, there was a gorgeous nutcracker I saw at a store and I purchased it," said Joanne Gerace, owner of Tiny's Grill. "I bought it and put it on our mantle. We just rebuilt the mantle in the backroom. It looked so great and so many people complimented me on it, I started to buy more and more nutcrackers."

The collection is on display through the month of February.

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