Oneida County Election Commissioners appointed, salaries disputed


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Pam Mandryck was re-appointed as the Republican Election Commissioner, while Carolann Cardone was appointed as the Democratic Commissioner Wednesday by the Oneida County Board of Elections.

Cardone will take over January 1st after Kathleen Perez retires.

Republican Oneida County Legislator George Joseph introduced a new resolution Wednesday, just before the board voted on the appointments. Joseph wanted to decrease the Commissioner's salaries by $10,000 each.

The recommendation was not based on performance, but rather an opportunity to use the money saved to better train the election staff, Joseph said.

Six other legislators, other than Joseph, voted for the salary decrease - Richard Flisnik, Patrick H. Brennan, Frederick V. Sadallah, Stephen Roefaro, Ed Welsh, and Emil Paparella.

The amendment was defeated.

However, when it came time to appoint the Commissioners only Flisnik, Joseph, Sadallah, and Welsh voted against it.

"I would ask all those that voted 'no' on the amendment and voted for the $74,000 salary to try and justify it," said Joseph. "When you have the County Clerk, who is responsible for about 50 peopl,e and you have a Election Commissioner responsible for four on each side."

Most who voted against the salary decrease amendment said it was "unfair" to point out these particular department heads.

"The legislature should review all department heads and their salaries," said Dave Wood.

"The commissioners have more on their plate than ever," said Chad Davis, speaking of the new machines and duties.

"The salary decreases have not been looked at enough," said James D'Onofrio.

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