UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The course for the Mohawk Valley's first Mighty Run opened Thursday night giving volunteers a glimpse of the 12 obstacles over challenging terrain. The race is Saturday, May 4th with all proceeds benefiting the Masonic Care Community.

"We wanted to come up with a fundraiser and event that's different than what else is here," said JP Kidwell, race director. "Now this community is really saturated with golf tournaments and food expos, and certainly run and walks and they're all successful and supportive of the much needed causes in our community but we wanted to do something a little different."

The Mighty Run is a partner run focusing on strategy and tactics not speed, and using many natural obstacles in the Masonic Care Community Campus's 400 acres of land.

"This is the best fit, we have natural elevation changes, we have a whole bunch of woods and fields it's just built perfectly for one of these types of events," said Kidwell. "We have one section we're calling lumberjack loop where you and your partner have to carry a log of certain size and length through a specified area through the woods."

To register for the May 4th Mighty Run go to www.themightyrun.com.