Officers honored with Officers of the Year awards


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Two Utica Police officers were honored Thursday for apprehending a person who appeared to have a handgun at a school basketball game. They were both given Officer of the Year awards at Utica Post 229 American Legion.

Kerry Carville and Michael Curley were presented Officers of the Year awards for jumping to action during a girls basketball game at Donovan Middle School in January.

Kerry Carville was off duty watching the game, when she saw someone leaving the game carrying a black handgun.

Michael Curley had been working as a School Resource Officer and saw her from across the gym running after the suspect, both of them quickly putting their training to action.

"I just jumped in real quick and everything just kicked in, I just ran in after him and did what I had to do," said Carville.

"You hope to be prepared for it, you hope it wouldn't happen in this area, but you have to be ready in case it does," said Curley. "Thankfully she was there and she took the lead and was right there to take care of the whole situation."

The suspect ran outside with both officers in pursuit, ignoring their commands to drop his gun then pointing the gun at Carville.

The suspect eventually dropped the gun and was taking into custody. The gun turning out to be a BB gun but one that looked identical to a 45 caliber hand gun.

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams credited the officers for their restraint in not shooting the suspect, he said they spared the life of that 14 year old.

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