Official Numbers are in: Palmieri wins Utica Mayor with 4,344 votes

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oneida County Board of Elections says it has finished its tally of absentee ballots in the race for Utica Mayor and it appears that Democrat Robert Palmieri is officially going to be the next Mayor of Utica.

The final numbers provided by the Board of Elections shows Palmieri with a total of 4,344 votes, while his opponent, Republican Michael Cerminaro with 4,040 votes.

Palmieri and Cerminaro were also both challenged by Conservative and Independence Party candidate Robert Cardillo (1,690 votes), Green Party Candidate Robert Clemente (222 votes) and Rainbow Party Candidate Ernie Sanita (295 votes).

There were some write-in votes as well, including one vote for Paul Bannaster Jr, two votes for Gene Allen, one vote for Wayne Brooks, one vote for Ciro L. Raspante, one for Tom Rycraft, one for Punce Deleon, one for Andy Carey, one for "Occupy Utica," three write-in votes for current Utica Mayor David Roefaro and even one vote for "Mickey Mouse."

By the numbers:

A total of 10,902 voters voted in the race for Utica Mayor.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, of the roughly 62,235 people living in Utica, just over 42,300 of them were of voting age.

By those numbers, you have roughly 42,321 people eligible to vote in the city, and 10,902 that went out and did so.

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