Options to come for those shut out of 2013 Boilermaker registration


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -In just three days, the Boilermaker 15K Road Race sold old, a process that took three months last year.

14,000 people registered for the 36th Boilermaker Road Race in that record time
but if you are still hoping to run the course, you aren't out of luck just yet as there are still a few options that will make you eligible to get a spot.

The race has set aside 200 spots to support a charity bib program, where a runner must gather a minimum donation of $500 for a non-profit. The details of that option are expected to be announced some time in February.

In April, there will be a bib transfer process where individuals who can no longer run can give their spot to shutout participant.

Officials say the popularity of this race is overwhelming and like nothing they have see before.

"It's a record for the Boilermaker and I see it closing out even faster next year," said Race Director Jim Stasaitis.

There are still a few spots open for the 5K, but officials say those spots are going fast as well.

While it may seem as if the obvious answer to the fast fill-up is "just add more spots," race officials say it's not that simple. They say they cap the race at 14,000 after careful examination.

"We want a safe race for everybody so if something happens, we don't want people laying on the course who can't be taken care of, waiting in front of hospitals," said Stasaitis. "We are very comfortable with the numbers which are safe and reasonable for everyone.

If you are lucky enough to secure one of the spots, or if you plan on trying to secure a bib in the upcoming months, officials suggest you start training now in order to ensure a safe race.

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